Joanna F Nowosad

Qubit Secretary

Qubit Consultancy Limited

Excellence by design

Peter Nowosad

Qubit Director and CEO

MA, MBCS, C Eng.


Qubit is a small recently founded limited consultancy company specialising in providing advanced software solutions to meet the needs of the international business community using the latest PC based Microsoft products and technology.

The chief architect and CEO of the company has a wealth of experience having worked in the software industry on diverse projects for over 30 years.  Qualified with a Master of Arts degree in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, he is also a longstanding member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer.

Peter is a frequent attendee of the annual European Microsoft TechEd conferences, has a Universal subscription to MSDN and subscribes to MSDN magazine and C/C++ Users Journal.  He has also in the past had magazine articles published in books and journals, and has successfully commercially developed and sold a compiler for the Acorn RISC PC.

It is through excellence in software design that Qubit is able to quickly construct reliable and efficient systems that flexibly meet the ever changing needs of clients.